Bradford SoundScreen Acoustic Sound Insulation

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Installing SoundScreen acoustic sound insulation in your home can effectively reduce noise transfer by up to 75% to create a quiet and peaceful home.

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Bradford Acoustic Insulation at Wholesale Prices

We sell the following Bradford Soundscreen batts in 430mm and 580mm widths at discounted prices:

Bradford Soundscreen Batts Codes: 114201, 114202, 114206, 114207, 114177, 114184, 114178, 114251, 114252

Bradford Soundscreen Batts Reduce noise transfer by up to 75%

Installing Bradford SoundScreen insulation batts in your home can effectively reduce noise transfer by up to 75% to create a quiet and peaceful home. Bradford soundscreen insulation is ideal to install in internal walls in the home or mid floor in double story homes to stop unwanted noise, and is best installed at the time of construction or renovation. Of course it’s possible to install insulation later in the life of the building, but it will usually then involve the costly exercise of removing the floorboards or ceiling plaster in order to gain access to the cavity where the insulation is required.

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Bradford SoundScreen batts are a versatile product and make a great addition to any room in the house. Its sound proofing qualities make it ideally suited to be used around home theatres, bedrooms, ensuites, and laundries.

The following video explains how to retrofit an existing home with Bradford SoundScreen Insulation:

Long term acoustic benefits if Soundscreen Insulation

By making a small investment at the time of construction or renovation, you and your family can enjoy significant benefits to the comfort of your home in the long term. CSR Bradford’s SoundScreen’s soundproofing properties will vastly reduce the amount of unwanted outside noise which enters your home. It will also reduce the level of noise transmitted between rooms within the home.

If you work from home, we strongly recommend you consider installing sound insulation around your home office, as the long term benefits in productivity will be likely to far outweigh the investment. Including Bradford SoundScreen sound insulation in interior walls can greatly reduce the transmission of noise between rooms, contributing to a more pleasant home environment.

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Installing Tip from Pricewise Insulation

It’s relatively to install glasswool insulation providing you take the right precautions. Any long bladed sharp knife is sufficient to slice the insulation batt, and the timber studs and joists are often the perfect backing to cut up against. Just make sure you stay well away from any wiring, and never slice towards your hand or body. A retractable blade knife with a snap of blade is perfect. After some hours of use, the blade will become noticeably dull – installers will often use the intersecting wall studs and noggins to wedge the blunted end of the knife and snap off the end of the blade.

Pricewise Insulation sells Bradford SoundScreen batts at wholesale prices directly to the public. Browse our webshop and place your order today!

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