Sisalation® Wall Wrap Breather – Medium Duty

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Reflective wall wrap insulates and protects your home against wind and dust

All Sisalation® products in the Wall Wrap category are specifically recommended for installation as wall wraps.

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Sisalation reflective foil wall wrap has been manufactured in Australia for over 50 years. During this time it has been used in the construction and insulation of millions of Australian homes and thousands of our most architecturally significant public and private buildings.
This experience and our intimate product knowledge is what sets Sisalation® reflective foil apart from the rest. So, when you purchase Sisalation® reflective foil not only are you purchasing The Original and The Best® in reflective foil laminate insulation but you’re also assured every one of our products has been fine tuned precisely for its stated application.

Sisalation Wall Wrap MD – Potection against the elements.

Wall wraps stop moisture from transferring from the external to the internal walls and allows building work to continue inside the home even in inclement weather. Wall wraps provide a barrier for wind and dust.

Sisalation should be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.2 ‘Installation requirements for pliable building membranes’. It should be installed with a 150mm overlap between runs. External cladding should be installed without delay.

If you’re planning to install the insulation yourself, consider purchasing our D.I.Y Wall Wrap Install Kit, available to order online on our website.Take particular care when stapling Sisalation to the wall framing, as injury can occur if you accidentally strike your hand with the hammer staple tacker commonly used to afix the foil wall wrap to the timbers.

How does Reflective Foil Sisalation Wall Wrap Work?

Sisalation foil wall wrap basically provides a radiant barrier between a hot surface, and the area on the other side –for example between the exterior brick walls of a residential building, and the internal walls and adjoining living areas.

Fletcher’s Sisalation Foil Wall wrap insulation needs an air gap of at least 2 cm between itself and the exterior wall, in order for it to work as effectively as possible. Even a small amount of of dirt or grime on the reflective surface of the foil will greatly inhibit the overall performance the reflective foil insulation. But if installed properly, foil insulation will greatly reduce the amount of radiant heat transferring through the walls and into home, which understandably will aid in maintaining the overall temperature inside the home stable and comfortable.

Sisalation insulation can be installed alone, or quite commonly, in combination with bulk thermal insulation. Ideally, any glasswool or other bulk insulation installed in conjunction with external wall wrap, should be installed so as so leave a small gap between the glasswool and the inside of the wall wrap.

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We sell the following wall wrap in 1350mm widths:

Fletcher Insulation Codes: 255089, 255087, 255136, 255136

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