Sisalation® Metal Roof Sarking – Medium Duty

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Sisalation Metal Roof Sarking reflects 95% of radiant heat. It acts as a ‘second skin’ to protect your home from extreme Summer temperatures. This medium duty foil wrap allows bulk insulation to perform more effectively.

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Sisalation® Metal Roof Sarking – Medium Duty

  • A strong, reinforced pliable building membrane designed for use as sarking under residential and commercial metal roofs.
  • Acts as an effective secondary skin to your home or building to minimise draughts, thereby allowing bulk wall insulation to perform more effectively.
  • Product of choice in metal roof applications as the foil-paper composition reduces the level of noise generated in metal roofs, thereby improving the acoustic ambience of the home.
  • When sealed, protects the building frame by minimising the amount of rain and dust wind blows into the roof.
  • When installed adjacent to an air cavity, Sisalation® Metal Roof contributes to the overall Total R-value of a building; thereby providing increased comfort to building occupants.
  • Suitable for use in bushfire areas with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 0 – 40 in accordance with AS 3959-2009.
  • Australian made.

A ‘second skin’

Sisalation provides homes with a ‘second skin’ that protects you and your family from Australia’s harsh climatic conditions. With Summer temperatures climbing above 30°C and Winter often below 5°C, enjoy the comfort and protection from the Original & The Best reflective insulation and sarking.

– Increase comfort levels
– Reduce energy bills
– Extend the life of your air-conditioner
– Increase energy efficiency

Is a Radiant Barrier Necessary with Metal Roof Surfaces

With a large surface area exposed to the sun, the roof area is the largest contributor to heat gain. Roofing materials (tiles and metal sheets) are often poor reflectors, potentially emitting 90% of heat gain into the ceiling space. With roof temperatures reaching upwards of 80°C, ceiling space temperatures can reach a whopping 54°C.

Correctly installed Sisalation can:

– Significantly reduce ceiling space temperatures
– Reduce heat transfer into the attic space, which reduces heat into living spaces;
– Reduce heat loads on attic ducts and equipment,
– Reduce ceiling temperatures and heat gain.

Radiant surface temperatures of wall and ceilings have a direct influence on interior comfort levels and energy costs. Using the benefits of aluminium foil, Sisalation reflects 95% of radiant heat and emits only 5%.

A single layer of Sisalation, combined with an adjacent air-space provides thermal resistance equivalent to a wall 7 bricks thick!

How Sisalation Works – Weather Protection

Sisalation not only insulates your home, but protects it from rain driven water infiltration. Sisalation also limits dus from entering your building by sealing off draughts in the walls and roof space.

Make sure your family stays cooler and more comfortable at home. Sisalation reduces heat transfer through the envelope of a building. Where there’s a temperature difference, heat flows naturallly from a warmer to a cooler space.

To maintain comfort in colder months, the heat lost must be replaced by the heating system. Sisalation minimises radiant heat from escaping through the walls and roof by acting as a thermal barrier.

Easy Installation

Builders benefit from clean, lightweight Sisalation that’s able to cut to fit virtually any configuration without special tools, protective mask or clothing. Compliant with Australian Standards, it can be installed by smaller crews, in less time, keeping labour costs low.

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Fletcher Insulation Product Codes: 951282, 951260 / Metal Roof MD (433)




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