Protective Suits

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Basic, single layer coveralls suitable for working with glasswool insulation.

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Insulation Installers Ultimate Protective Suit

Normally you won’t need a full body suit for installing insulation. But if you’re installing in the ceiling of an old house, or under a raised underfloor, then it can be a good idea to invest in a protective suit. This is a basic, single layer coverall suitable for working with glasswool. It is made from non woven polypropylene, and is available in white only. This one size protective suits will come in particularly handy if you are installing underfloor insulation, or removing old insulating materials from ceilings and under buildings.

Looking for professional insulation installers?

Installing your own insulation is not for everyone; commercial insulation installers have a tough job, not least those working in the retro-fit industry. In Melbourne and Sydney we have extensive experience installing insulation in almost any imaginable type of house. The installers we use and recommend are effective and professional, and once the job is finished, they will remove or dispose of any unused or leftover batts or loose pieces. Getting a decent R-Value of insulation installed in your roof cavity is an investment for the life of your home, and any investors or tenants who are interested in buying or renting the home later down the track will be glad to know that the insulation is already in place – one less thing to worry about.

Finding an Insulation Installer

If you don’t fancy climbing into your roof space and doing it yourself, you will need to find someone to do it for you. Maybe you have a friend that owes you a favour, but chances are you will need to engage a professional installer.

When you’re shopping around for prices, there are a few things that potential contractors will need to know before they can accurately quote the job.

  • The total square metres to be installed
  • If there are ducts or other obstructions in the roof
  • The pitch of the roof, how high it is in the centre, and if there are any low areas
  • Manhole dimensions: this is especially important if the insulation bags aren’t already in the roof space. Ideally it should be big enough to pass the bags through, at least 650mm x 500mm.

Don’t just book in the cheapest quote. You’ll want to know that your installer will be professional, has their own insurance and guarantees their work.

Coverall Suits for Insulation DIY

Our coverall suit will protect you from most of the dirt and dust which you’ll encounter during the retro-fit installation. Don’t forget to check out our D.I.Y Install page for handy tips and tricks on installing insulation. If you need any advise on any aspect of the installation procedure, please contact us.