Fletcher Pink® Partition Acoustic Wall Insulation

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Pink® Partition insulation features a Next Generation formula that provides a softer feel for more comfortable handling.

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Partition Wall Insulation for Effective Sound Absorbtion

Pink® Partition insulation is a lightweight, glasswool product specially designed to be free standing for quick installation in steel stud framing. It is used in both multi-residential and commercial steel frame buildings. All products are designed to give assurance of effective sound absorption and to reduce noise transfer between rooms. Pink Partition Insulation logo. Buy cheap commercial insulation.This product effectively provides solutions to ‘problem’ acoustic applications. Pink® Partition  also provides a range of thermal values making the products suitable for insulating the external walls of a building envelope thereby increasing the comfort levels of building occupants.

Pink® Partition insulation features a Next Generation formula that provides a softer feel for more comfortable handling.

Quality products, affordable prices

We sell the following insulation products in 450mm and 600mm widths, suitable for metal frames:

  • 11kg/m³ Pink® Partition Commercial Acoustic Insulation
  • R1.2 | 50mm thick
  • R1.8 | 75mm thick
  • R2.1 | 90mm thick

  • 14kg/m³  Pink® Partition Commercial Acoustic Insulation
  • R1.3 | 50mm thick
  • R1.9 | 75mm thick
  • R2.2 | 90mm thick

  • 24kg/m³  Pink® Partition Commercial Acoustic Insulation
  • R1.4 | 50mm thick
  • R2.1 | 75mm thick
  • R2.5 | 90mm thick

  • 32kg/m³  Pink® Partition Commercial Acoustic Insulation
  • R1.5 | 50mm thick
  • R2.2 | 75mm thick
  • R2.7 | 90mm thick
  • R3.0 | 100mm thick

Fletcher Insulation Codes: 903442, 903444, 903446, 903448, 903450, 903450, 903515, 903517, 903715, 903717, 903915, 903919,903551, 903552, 903553, 903554, 903555, 903556, 903650, 903652, 903670, 903672, 903690, 903692, 903600, 903694

Sound: An Important Part of any Environment

It is becoming increasingly appreciated that sound is a significant part of both indoor and outdoor environments. It is not desirable to create ‘noise free’ environments, and the acceptable level of noise or sound will be influenced by many factors. For example the level of noise which might be welcome in a busy cafe’ will usually be far higher than what you’d expect to find in a public library or a commercial office. Similarly, in a medical practice you would expect that the internal walls between adjoining offices would be insulated with a hi-density sound insulation – whereas in a domestic setting, it might be considered acceptable to allow sound transfer between e.g. the living room and the dining room. Acoustic partition insulation helps to resolve the issue of sound transfer where needed.



11kg/m3 (50mm thick), 11kg/m3 (75mm thick), 11kg/m3 (90mm thick), 14kg/m3 (50mm thick), 14kg/m3 (75mm thick), 14kg/m3 (90mm thick), 24kg/m3 (50mm thick), 24kg/m3 (75mm thick), 24kg/m3 (90mm thick), 32kg/m3 (50mm thick), 32kg/m3 (75mm thick), 32kg/m3 (90mm thick), 32kg/m3 (100mm thick)


450, 600