Knauf Earthwool® Wall Insulation Batts

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The Knauf Earthwool Thermal Wall Insulation Batt range is a new generation of softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glasswool insulation for your home.

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Each week at Pricewise Insulation we sell truckloads of wall insulation in Melbourne, Sydney and indeed all over Australia. Earthwool is one of our most popular external wall insulation products thanks to its softness and low-itch formulation. Due to increased government focus, raised consumer awareness and the growing environmental sustainability conscience of many Australians, energy efficiency is now at the core most new home building projects. As such, the earlier perception that wall insulation is just an optional extra is fast disappearing, and today it’s unusual for a new house to be designed without specifying at least some external wall insulation.

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Installing Wall Insulation – New Homes

Practically anybody can install insulation in a new home. The principles are very simple – create a thermal insulating barrier between the inside of the house and the outside air. For the insulation to be effective it must be installed neatly, without gaping holes or gaps, and without compressing the insulation material. Walls which divide the inside of the house and an un-insulated workshop or garage, should also be insulated. Our DIY Install page has some handy videos demonstrating how wall and other types of insulation should be installed.

Under no circumstances should the wall batts be pushed or allowed to fall through the wall and lie against the bricks or external cladding. It’s essential that this cavity remains open so that air can flow between the walls, allowing moisture to escape. Many installers will run some rows of tape or string behind the wall studs in a horizontal direction, just to ensure that no batts are able to fall through and come into contact with the brickwork. Of course the walls have been wrapped e.g. with Sisalation or a similar product, then tape or string will be superfluous.

The timing of the install is important – wall insulation should ideally be installed immediately before the plasterboard will be fixed into place. This is typically once most of the other trades – not least the plumbers and electricians have finished running their pipes and wiring within the wall cavities. In a commercial building setting, the installers will often be slotted in on short notice, but in a DIY project you can set the pace yourself, and allow yourself enough time to get the wall insulation installed before starting to line the outside of the walls. Avoid lengthy delays between finishing the wall insulation and lining the walls – the longer you wait the more likely that wind or other factors will disturb the insulation.

Earthwool Wall Batts – R1.5, R2.0, R2.0HD, R2.5HD and R2.7HD

Pricewise Insulation sells the following Earthwool thermal insulation for external walls in 430mm and 580mm widths at discounted prices:

  • R1.5 Earthwool Thermal Wall Insulation
  • R2.0 Earthwool Thermal Wall Insulation
  • R2.0HD Earthwool High Density Acoustic 18kg/m³ Wall Batts
  • R2.5HD Earthwool High Density Acoustic 20kg/m³ Wall Batts
  • R2.7SHD Earthwool Super High Density Acoustic 27kg/m³ Wall Batts

Knauf E-Codes: E2253, E2255, E2259, E2261, E3591, E3592, E4332, E4333, E4473, E4335

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R1.5, R2.0, R2.0-HD, R2.5-HD, R2.7-SHD


430, 580