Kingspan Air-Cell Insulshed ® 50 Shed Insulation

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Australian-made Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulshed® 50 is your solution for shed insulation, achieving comfortable indoor temperatures all year round.

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Kingspan – Air-Cell Insulshed ® 50 Insulation for Sheds

Australian-made Kingspan  Air-Cell Insulshed 50 is your solution for shed insulation, achieving comfortable indoor temperatures that are significantly cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Kingspan Air-Cell Insulshed 50 is manufactured with a patented closed-cell foam structure sandwiched by highly reflective foil surfaces, and is the fibre-free, non-allergenic alternative to conventional bulk insulation. Insulshed has been designed specifically for shed applications only. It is not recommended for use in residential, commercial buildings, or industrial building as classified under the BCA.

Insulshed® 50 Data Table

Emittance Reflective: E0.03
Anti-glare: E0.05
Roll size 1350 mm x 22.25 m (30 m2)
1350 mm x 33.33 m (45 m2)
Product thickness 5 mm
Roll weigth 6.9 kg (30 m2)
10.4 kg (45 m2)

 Kingspan Air-Cell Insulshed Insulation installed in a large shed roof

How to Insulate a Shed with Kingspan Insulshed

Kingspan Insulshed is relatively easy to install during the building process of a new shed. In preparation for insulating a shed, calculate the total roof area of the shed, and add an extra 10% for overlapping of each join – this gives a good indication of how much shed roof insulation you will need. Alternatively, measure the exact area, and use reflective tape to seal each join. You may wish to cut the insulation roll to length prior to installing, to make it easier to install. Reflective insulation performs best with a small air-gap of 2 – 4 cms. This is easily achieved by allowing a little slack during the installing process – the insulation will sag slightly, creating a sufficient air-gap. Insulshed can be screwed to the eaves with ordinary self-drilling metal screws.

Insulating a Shed with Kingspan

Industrial and farm sheds are prone to heating up excessively during summer time. A typical farm shed or workshop will be constructed almost entirely from metal, and will often contain a concrete floor. Metal is a powerful heat conductor, and radiant heat from the sun will quickly penetrate through the roof and wall panels, and into the shed space. On a hot summer day this can create an uncomfortable or even an unsafe working environment, and in winter time, the entire building and particularly the floor will very cold. Insulating the roof of the shed with Kingspan Air-call Insulshed insulation is the most effective way of permanently keeping the building cooler in summer time, and in limiting the heat loss in winter time. The wall of the shed can also be lined with metal shed insulation, further reducing the heat transfer all year round. Ventilation is another cost effective way to regulate temperatures.

Sound Reverb in Metal Shed Environments

If the metal shed is effectively functioning as a workshop, then it’s likely that hearing protection will required while tools and machinery are in use. The same factors which make metal sheds extremely hot in summer and cold in winter, (i.e. metal roof and walls, concrete roof) are also the biggest contributors to noise reverberation. While acoustic or sound insulation can’t remove all sound, they are very effective at limiting the reverb (or echo) of sound in metal shed environments. So if your workshop is primarily being used for low noise work, but where power tools or other noisy machines do see some incidental us, then consider lining part of the walls and or ceiling with acoustic sound insulation panels. This will make a huge difference to the ongoing noise level and will contribute to the comfort of workers and visitors alike, by reducing or even eliminating the prolonged echo which is commonly experienced in metal and concrete buildings.

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