Polyweave Insulation Strapping

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Insulation strapping is used to keep thermal wall, ceiling and underfloor insulation batts in place during and after installation. Using strapping will help optimise the thermal performance of insulation for the lifetime of your home.

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Insulation Strapping – Perfect for Wall, Ceiling and Underfloor Installs

Insulation strapping is particularly useful where uneven joist spacing can result in the insulation falling back out both during and immediately after installing. If the insulation batt sits firmly in place without the aid of any strapping, this is often called a ‘friction fit’. But even so we always recommend running strapping at a 90 degree angle across the joists, and stapling these up against the joists. This will ensure that even if the insulation should slip down over time, it will remain between the joists and be an effective insulator for the life of your home.

When is Insulation Strapping Needed?

We recommend using strapping when installing thermal wall batts with an R1.5 or R2.0 rating. These thermal batts are less rigid than the acoustic and high-density batts and therefore require strapping to keep them in place. Insulation strapping is not needed when using rigid acoustic insulation in wall cavities, providing that the insulation is cut to the correct size and fits snugly between the joists.

If you are installing ceiling batts before plaster than we recommend strapping the ceiling batts in place. This will prevent them from falling before or during the installation of the plaster boards. A small gap between batts will greatly reduce the thermal efficiency of the insulation. Strapping is obviously not needed when installing insulation from within the roof space. In this case it is simply a matter of laying the batts on top of the plaster below.

Strapping is a necessity when installing underfloor insulation batts, as these will not have the support of plaster to keep them in place over the years.

Light-weight and easy to use

Strapping should be pulled tight and stapled in place to prevent wall or underfloor insulation from falling out from between the joists. Where applicable, this will ensure a better finish result. Check out our professional Hammer Staple Tacker and Galvanised Staples on our accessories page.


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