Greenstuf® Polyester Ceiling Insulation

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GreenStuf thermal ceiling insulation batts are made from 100% polyester thermal insulation segments pre-cut to fit common ceilings joist spacings.

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GreenStuf Thermal Ceiling Insulation

GreenStuf insulation is manufactured by Autex Industries, and is fast growing in popularity in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and the surrounding areas. In addition to ceiling batts, we also sell GreenStuf wall and underfloor insulation, all of which are also made from the same itch-free polyester material. The main difference between GreenStuf and glasswool types of insulation, is the appearance and the handling.

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100% Polyester Insulation – Soft to Handle

The soft green colour and smoother consistency makes GreenStuf more suitable to be used as an exposed insulation product. But by far the most attractive feature of GreenStuf is its softness – no gloves or other protective clothing are needed when working with this product. It can be easily torn to length by hand during the installation, and also cut to width with a sharp bladed knife or a large pair of scissors.

How Much GreenStuf Ceiling Insulation do I need?

In order to calculate how many bags of GreenStuf ceiling batts you need in your ceiling, measure the total area of your ceiling, then deduct around 10% to allow for the room taken up by the ceiling joists etc. Then divide this by the number of m2 in the bag noting that different R-Values contain different m2.

For example if you are installing R3.0 GreenStuf in 430mm 

165m2 ceiling (multiply by) 0.9 = 148m2.

One bag of insulation has 4m2

148m2 divided by 4m2 = 37 bags.

This will minimise the chances of being left with numerous un-opened bags after the job is finished. Should you still find that that you have a couple of bags left over, there is usually more than enough room to fit the extra batts onto as a double layer. You can for example spread any left-over batts over the room or area where your family spends the most time. Avoid installing ceiling insulation on a hot day. Even on a cooler day, it’s recommended to start early in the morning and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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Greenstuf Ceiling Batts – R-Values and Thickesses

At Pricewise Insulation, we sell ceiling batts in 430mm and 580mm widths at wholesale prices direct to the public. Order online today and save!

  • R2.0 Greenstuf Thermal Ceiling Batts – 120mm thick
  • R2.5 Greenstuf Thermal Ceiling Batts – 165mm thick
  • R3.0 Greenstuf Thermal Ceiling Batts – 185mm thick
  • R3.5 Greenstuf Thermal Ceiling Batts – 200mm thick
  • R4.0 Greenstuf Thermal Ceiling Batts – 210mm thick
  • R4.5 Greenstuf Thermal Ceiling Batts – 210mm thick

Autex Industries Codes for all R-Values and widths: GSC20430, GSC20580, GSC25430, GSC25580, GSC30430, GSC30580, GSC35430, GSC35580, GSC40430, GSC40580, GSC45430, GSC45580

How does Autex Manufacture GreenStuf Insulation?

GreenStuf is made from PET plastic, much of which comes from recycles milk and soft drink cartons. It is an exceptionally environmentally friendly product in that it is fully recyclable, meaning that no GreenStuf batts ever need to end up as landfill. All scraps and pieces from the manufacturing process are reprocessed into the manufacturing process.

The process by which GreenStuf insulation is made can be summed up as follows:

  • The Blending Process – an operator loads a recipe of different colours of fibre onto a conveyor belt
  • The fibers are then processed through “openers” which elongates the fibres, creating a web
  • This web is the spread onto a conveyor belt which is fed into an oven, which activates the low-melt fibres, giving the insulation its structure
  • After exiting the oven, GreenStuf is then split into it’s required width and length, before being bagged ready for dispatch.

Check out Autex’s VIDEO on how GreenStuf is made.

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