Foilboard® Ultra Insulation Fasteners

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Foilboard Ultra Timber Fasteners are designed for use with 20mm and 25mm  Foilboard rigid panels mounted to timber frames. Each Ultra Fastener comes with a 40mm nail.

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Foilboard® Ultra Timber Insulation Fasteners for 20mm and 25mm Sheets

Foilboard® Ultra Fasteners are a 50mm x 35mm plastic washer with nail pre-punched used to fasten Foilboard® to timber frames. Ultra Foilboard Timber Fasteners
come with a 40mm nail suitable for Ultra 20 and Cathedral 25 Foilboard® Sheets. Foilboard recommends a fastener every 600mm.

Foilboard Fasteners for Timber Frames

Foilboard Australia Pty Ltd manufactures a range of fixing accessories tailored to suit many construction applications. These Foilboard timber fasteners ensure that the material will be installed correctly and maintain its thermal performance for the life of the application. Whether it is for timber or steel frame construction, underfloor applications and even commercial systems, Foilboard® has the right fixings to suit all applications.

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Method of Calculating Quantities of Foilboard

  • Measure Floor or Wall area.
  • Add 5% to area to allow for cutting and waste, deduct window and door openings.
  • If using 2.44m sheets divide the area by 2.93 to give the number of sheets required.
  • If using 2.70m sheets divide the area by 3.24 to give the number of sheets required.
  • Round up to the next full sheet.
  • Floor saddles should be on joists at approx 600mm centres and spaced at 200mm from sheet ends.
  • For retro-fits Foilboard should span across the underside of joists and between bearers using three Foilboard fasteners per joist. Joins do not need to be made on a joist and you should tape all joins.
  • Generally 1 bag of saddles is required for every 45-50m2 and 1 Role of Green Tape will be required for every 100m2. For retro-fits you will generally require 1 bag of Foilboard Fasteners and 1 roll of Green Tape for every 15-20 sheets, for Aluminium tape you will require one roll for every 10-12  sheets approx. Flexifastners should be used for all sheets 25mm or thicker and you will require 1 bag of 200 fastners for every 15-20 sheets. Or for sheets over 25mm in thickness you can order the plastic plates and supply your own fixing nails or screws. Spacers for brick work you will require 8-10 spacers per m2

For example, an area of 130m2 (residential wall – timber/steel frame excluding windows) will require;

  • 45 sheets of Foilboard® Insulation Panel (2440mm x 1200mm, 2.93m2 per sheet)
  • 3 bags of fasteners (Standard or Ultra)
  • 3 Rolls of Green UV PVC Tape

For traditional underfloor applications using timber joists at 450mm centres (130m2);

  • 45 sheets of Foilboard® Insulation Panel (2440mm x 1200mm, 2.93m2 per sheet)
  • 3 bags of Foilboard® Floor Saddles
  • 3 Rolls of Green UV PVC Tape

Foiliboard Rigid InsulationUnderfloor Retro Fit Fasteners

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