Foilboard® Green Rigid Insulation Panels

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Foilboard® Green is a versatile rigid insulated panel designed for walls, floors and roofs. Foilboard Insulation is known for its slimline design and superior performance.

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Foilboard® Green Insulation – Insulated Panels

Foilboard Green rigid insulated panels are designed for use in walls, floors and roofs. They are manufactured in Australia from a fire retardant expanded polystyrene core (FR-EPS) with pure aluminium foil directly laminated to both sides, creating a superior insulation, thermal break and non-permeable moisture barrier.

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Foilboard Insulation has been engineered and designed to ensure a quick and easy installation of a non-itchy, fibre free rigid insulation panel that will provide continuous thermal performance for the life of the building. It is suitable for the following applications:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential

It is a continuous insulation in that the sheets may be installed butting directly up to each other, with the joins sealed with special Foilboard Tape.

Check out the below Foilboard istallation video.

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Installing Foilboard Insulation on a residential homeFoilboard® GREEN rigid board insulation will maintain the same thermal performance (R-value) for the life of the insulation panel. It will not sag and it will not delaminate.

Foilboard® Australia backs its Foilboard® GREEN with a 25 year performance guarantee. Fully endorsed by Standards Australia, the Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation panel is the premium insulation product in its market, both in manufactured quality and product performance and that is why it is backed by a 25 year performance guarantee. This durable rigid panel is specifically designed to achieve exceptionally high thermal values, making it the ideal product. Unlike traditional bulk insulation and blankets, this rigid panel will not shrink, sag or droop, ensuring that the building performs to its optimal thermal value from day one, to year 25 and beyond. The insulation board cost depends largely on its R-value (also known as R-rating) however bulk order discounts are also available.

Nationwide Deliveries of Foil Board Insulation Panels

Pricewise Insulation delivers Foilboard Green Insulation directly to building sites and homes across Australia. This includes Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and many regional areas. Click here for our latest delivery information on insulation sheets.

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Rigid Insulation for Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Unlike traditional bulk insulation and insulated batts, Foilboard® GREEN’s slimline profile makes for an ideal thermal break & vapour barrier, and with its superior thermal performance, it ensures a continuous “eskie” effect to the building year round. Some of the benefits of Foilboard are listed below:

  • Endorsed by Standard Australia
  • BCA Compliant
  • Fire retardant insulation panel
  • Does not require the use of protective clothing or safety gear whilst installing
  • Green insulation – Formaldehyde free
  • CFC & HCFC free
  • The insulated panels have Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Has no harmful carcinogens ( No dangerous fibrous airborne particles
  • Achieves high R-values without the need for reengineering the building’s design
  • An insulated panel can be Installed without gaps
  • Lightweight and fast to install foil insulation board
  • Foilboard insulated panels are Impervious to moisture
  • 100% Australia made
  • 100% Australia owned

Reduce Your Energy Costs with Foilboard

Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation panel ensures optimum performance by creating a thermal barrier around your building or home – reducing your energy consumption costs and carbon footprint making for a healthier, greener environment.

The material’s ability to create a more consistent ambient temperature means you are not reliant on inefficient artificial heating and cooling. This reduces energy use and the production of greenhouse gases creating a more sustainable future for all and saves you money.

The pure aluminium that is directly laminated to both sides of the Foilboard® Insulation Panel is 100% recyclable.

Foilboard Product Options:

  • Standard 10
  • Super 15
  • Cathedral 20
  • Excel 30
  • Superior 40
  • Ultimate 50

We are one of Australia’s best known Foilboard suppliers. If your business needs regular supply of rigid insulation products, please contact us to request a Foilboard Price List.

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