Fletcher® Insulboard PolyStyrene Insulation

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Insulboard Expanded Poly Styrene is lightweight making it easy to handle and quick to install. Both sides of the XPS board are laminated with foil.

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Expanded PolyStyrene Insulation Board from Fletcher

Insulboard Expanded PolyStyrene insulation (EPS) sheets are faced both sides with a reflective foil laminate, one side with an anti-glare coating, to create a rigid board insulation board material. It offers a perfect solution where space is an issue, and where a hi-performing and rigid insulation solution is required. One example of where InsulBoard Expanded PolyStyrene insulation board can be used is against a raised concrete slab floor, or a concrete wall. In such applications, fixing studs and installing ordinary bulk thermal insulation batts can be disadvantageous for several reasons, not least due to the work involved, and the extra space required to obtain an effective R-Value. Insulboard uses a special pin and bracket system, and when installed with an air-gap will achieve a reflective air space between the Insulboard and the concrete surface. This results in an exceptional R-Value being achieved within a very narrow space, something which is practically impossible to achieve using even the most modern bulk thermal insulation.

EPS Insulation: Lightweight and Easy to Handle

Insulboard Expanded PolyStyrene insulation is lightweight making it easy to handle and quick to install, and is perfect as a polystyrene underfloor insulation.

Polystyrene wall insulation can be used in the cavity of double brick walls to meet minimum energy efficiency standards or to cover external studwork in brick-veneer construction, providing added protection against the elements during construction and allowing internal building works to continue even if external brickwork is delayed. Insulboard Expanded Poly Styrene can also be installed under timber joists for above ground floor construction.

Fabrication of cut to size & thickness polystyrene board or specially faced product can be arranged, however a minimum order of 150 m2 is required for special orders.

Odourless and No Irritating Fibres

Insulboard polystyrene insulation board is a foil faced insulation board. It has practically no smell, making it a popular choice with professional installers. Unlike fibreglass products, where thousands of tiny loose fibres may detach themselves during the loading causing itchiness, handling and installing process, styrofoam insulation has a dense structure, making it more comfortable to work with. Ordinary work safety wear is more than sufficient when installing polystyrene insulation sheets, compared to some types of glasswool, where installers must often take protective measures to avoid inhaling fibres and contact with eyes and skin.

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