DIY Kit – Ceiling / Wall Insulation

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The essential kit for installing your own wall or ceiling insulation.

The Walls and Ceiling Insulation Install Kit contains  2x Masks, 1x Work Gloves, 1x Insulation Knife and 1x Insulation Strapping

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Installing your own home wall insulation and ceiling insulation can be a satisfying and cost saving project. Being properly equipped for the job will help to ensure you can carry it out safely and effectively.

Pricewise Insulation DIY Ceiling / Wall Insulation install kit includes:

  • 2 Protective Dust Masks
  • 1 Pair of Work Gloves
  • 1 Insulation Knife with a retractable blade
  • 1 Roll of Insulation Strapping

Make sure you’re properly prepared for the job before you commence the installation process. Drink plenty of water, and avoid working in closed ceiling spaces on hot days. Our D.I.Y. page contains handy advice and tips on things to remember when installing wall and ceiling insulation. For further advise you can also view some of our informative DIY Videos .

For advice on any aspect of your home insulation project, don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 729 639.