D.I.Y Kit – Installing Underfloor Insulation

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Underfloor Install Kit – 1x Protective Suit, 2x Masks, 1x Work Gloves, 1x Insulation Knife and 1x Insulation Strapping

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Installing Underfloor Insulation Kit

If you’re planning to install your own underfloor insulation, then make sure you are properly prepared prior to commencing the work. Our underfloor Install Kit gives a good indication of what you’ll need.

Underfloor Install Kit includes:

1 Protective Suit

The protective suit can come in very handy when installing underfloor insulation, especially if it’s an older house or with very limited (low) access. You might feel like a bit of an astronaut wearing it, but it’s a great way to keep yourself and your clothes clean and protected as you work.

2 Protective Dust Masks

If you’re installing underfloor insulation above head height (which is almost always the case) then some dust and debris will inevitably be falling down from time to time. A protective dust mask will help keep the dust out of your mouth,

1 pair of Work Gloves

While many installers opt to work without gloves, working underneath a floor it’s a good idea to wear a pair of work gloves. This is not so much for handling the insulation, but to protect you from cuts and scratches while navigating under the tight floor space.

1 Insulation Knife

A good insulation cutting knife is an essential piece of kit for any underfloor insulation installing project. Where possible, cut through the insulation and against a solid piece of timber, and always away from your body and well away from any wiring. Snap off the blade and carefully dispose of the broken off piece whenever you feel that it’s becoming a little bit difficult to cut through the insulation. Remember, if you’re installing GreenStuf Underfloor Insulation rolls, these can be torn to length by hand, and don’t require cutting along the width to enable them to be installed.

1 Roll of Insulation Strapping

If the timber frame of the raised underfloor has been built to a consistent standard (e.g. 600mm or 450mm between the centres of each timber) and if you’re installing glasswool insulation, then you’ll find that the underfloor insulation batts will remain in place without any extra ‘fixings’ required. But keeping in mind that we want the underfloor batts to stay there for a very long time – ideally for as long as the house is in existence – it’s a very good idea to use tape, strapping or some other means to ensure that if the underfloor insulation should ‘settle’ a little over time – they will at least not move further than the underside of the timber floor joist.  The strapping we supply is very strong, and is installed by stapling to the floor joists, perpendicular to the direction of these, at around 60cm intervals.

If you’re planning on installing floor insulation, make sure you check out our D.I.Y install page for more tips and advice for how to install underfloor insulation.  Installing underfloor insulation is tough physical work, so if you’d prefer to have your insulation professionally installed, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.