Bradford™ Polymax Thermal Ceiling Insulation Batts

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Bradford Polymax™ Thermal Ceiling Insulation Batts are designed to maximise comfort and reduce heat losses in winter and heat gains in summer. Polymax is made from 100% polyester.

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Polymax Polyester Ceiling Insulation by CSR Bradford

Bradford Polymax Ceiling Insulation is a premium polyester product that is designed to maximise comfort within the home. Polymax is made from the same material as used in pillow and doonas, is low allergen and produces no VOC emissions. It is manufactured in Australia by CSR Martini for Bradford Insulation.

Why install Polymax Ceiling Batts?Bradford Polymax Polyester Insulation is white in colour. Made from 100% polyester.

  • Polymax can reduce energy use within the home
  • Help achieve long term thermal comfort
  • 100% polyester product – soft and easy to handle
  • Non-irritant
  • Odourless
  • Easy to install
  • Made from up to 80% recycled fibre
  • No waste is generated in manufacture
  • Made in Australia by CSR Martini

Reduce energy bills with polyester ceiling insulation

According to CSR Bradford an insulated home can lose up to 42% of its heat through the ceiling in winter. During the hot summer months of December, January and Februrary an uninsulated home will quickly overheat and become uncomfortable. Most people compensate for this by turning on the air-conditioner or fan, which in turn leads to higher energy bills. With the rising cost of energy this is no longer a viable option for many Australian home-owners.

Topping up your roof

Insulation can deteriorate in quality over time meaning that it is no longer as effective as when it was first installed. You can read our blog post about topping up insulation here. The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing insulation is that a higher R-value indicates better thermal performance. We are noticing a strong trend among DIY builders and renovators to opt for higher R-values in their walls and ceilings. Investing in polyester ceiling insulation can help achieve long term financial savings in addition to improved thermal comfort.

Achieving a snug fit

Polymax batts should fit snugly between the timber joists; leaving gaps of even 1cm can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. Polymax Insulation is available in 430mm and 580mm widths to fit 450mm and 600mm joist centres. Polyester insulation batts can be torn or cut to fit irregular joists.

Polyester Insulation that is 100% reusable and soft to handle

Polymax Ceiling Insulation is manufactured without the use of added chemical or resin binders. No water or ozone-depleting gases are used in the manufacture of Polymax. It is soft and easy to handle making it more comfortable to install than traditional glasswool products. Bradford Polymax is 100% reusable, making it a great environmental choice.

Bradford Polymax Ceiling Insulation Batts





140mm 430mm x 1160mm 8 4.0 126350


140mm 580mm x 1160mm 8 5.4 117709


180mm 430mm x 1160mm 8 4.0 126361


180mm 580mm x 1160mm 8 5.4


R3.5 200mm 430mm x 1160mm 8 4.0


R3.5 200mm 580mm x 1160mm 8 5.4


R4.0 220mm 430mm x 1160mm 6 3.0


R4.0 220mm 580mm x 1160mm 6 4.0


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