Bradford Gold Batts Hi-Performance Wall Insulation

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Bradford Gold wall insulation batts are specifically designed to deliver optimal performance in exterior cavity walls.

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Bradford Wall Insulation – Gold Batts Hi-Performance

Bradford Gold wall insulation batts are specifically designed to deliver optimal performance in exterior cavity walls. You can lose up to 25% of the heat in your home through the walls in winter and around the same amount of heat can enter in through the walls during summer.

Highest available R-Value

Climate is a major factor to determine the R-Value best suited to your home. R-Value, also referred to as R-Rating, represents the thermal resistance of the insulation – a higher R-Value mean a higher performance insulation. Bradford Gold Hi-Performance wall batts are available in R-Values of R2.0 to R4.0, offering an exceptional level of thermal protection even in the most extreme Australian climates.

Unlike other forms of heating and cooling control, wall insulation requires no maintenance or replacement.

Bradford is the only insulation partner of the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program. It is suitable for use in the homes of asthma and allergy sufferers.

CSR Bradford’s Gold High Performance Wall Batts insulation meet the highest Australian standards for wall insulation and come with a 70 year warranty. The wall insulation is 100% bio-soluble, low allergen and non-combustible. The wall batts come conveniently packed in a robust poly pack for convenient handling and transport.

Insulation to meet your home’s thermal and acoustic needs

Pricewise Insulation sells the following thermal and acoustic wall insulation in 420mm and 570mm widths at discounted prices:

  • R2.0 Bradford Gold™ Hi-performance – 75mm thick
  • R2.2 Bradford Gold™ Hi-performance – 75mm thick
  • R2.5 Bradford Gold™ Hi-performance – 90mm thick
  • R2.7 Bradford Gold™ Hi-performance – 90mm thick
  • R4.0 Bradford Gold™ Hi-performance – 140mm thick 

Click here to buy R1.5 and R2.0 thermal Bradford Gold Batts.

D.I.Y. Insulation Install

If you’re planning to install Bradford wall insulation in the walls yourself, make sure you familiarise yourself with the safety precautions on the manufacturer’s website: . You should check out our D.I.Y install page for tips and advice on how to safely and effectively install your own home insulation.

At Pricewise Insulation, we sell the top insulation brands direct to the public at discounted prices. Benefit from Bradford’s Gold High Performance Wall Batts exceptional R-Value and order online today!

Bradford Wall Insulation Product Codes: 152166, 152192, 152168, 152194, 152169, 152196, 152191, 152197, 125450, 125449, 181430, 181471, 181416, 181432


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