Autex Composition™ Acoustic Insulation

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Autex Composition™ is an acoustic and decorative wall fabric for managing echo. It is a durable solution for schools, offices and restaurants.

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Autex Composition Acoustic Fabric

Composition® Acoustic Fabric is a durable 100% polyester acoustic wall lining that is both decorative and highly effective in reducing reverberated noise. It is composed of a non-woven polyester fabric upper, heatbonded to a 100% polyester backing. Composition® Acoustic Fabric allows a designer to create attractive, quieter interiors for offices, meeting rooms, theatres, libraries, classrooms and other open spaces. Minimum order quantity of 5 l/m.

  • The popular choice for creating acoustic balance in preschools, primary schools, high schools and college
  • Pin, staple and hook-and-loop receptive allowing Composition® Acoustic Fabric to be utilised as a display board
  • Limitless branding and design possibilities with in-house custom cutting
Buy Autex Composition - acoustic panels for schools and universities
Buy Autex Composition - sound insulation panels for offices

Acoustic Insulation for Schools and Offices

Numerous local and world-wide studies suggest classrooms are greatly affected by acoustic quality. Here, we look at
acoustic effects on learning environments and how to absorb unwanted noise.

Evaluating the acoustic suitability of your classrooms is the first important step to ensure that unsatisfactory acoustics do not
adversely affect learning in your school. The Department of Education strongly recommends that you:

  • Make an assessment or, if in doubt, have one carried out by an acoustics specialist
  • Remedy any shortcomings highlighted by the assessment


Optimise Learning with Insulation

The premium sound absorbing nature of Autex Composition Acoustic Fabric creates a quiet and optimised learning environment for learning.

Display artwork on the walls using the hook-and-loop functionality of Composition Acoustic Fabric. This not only looks good, but helps to further improve sound absorption. Autex Composition Acoustic Fabric also doubles as a pinboard, making it the perfect solution for schools and offices.

Retrofit an Existing Space

Quietspace Insulation can be directly fixed or suspended in existing buildings. Ask us about which solution is best for your project!

Custom Printing

Got a logo or a design that you would like printed onto the acoustic fabric? Contact Pricewise Insulation for a custom quote!

Buy Autex Composition - acoustic panels with custom designs
Buy Autex Composition - acoustic insulation panels for nurseries and childcare centers

About Autex Insulation

Autex manufactures a premium range of interior acoustic products and  wallcoverings made from 100% recyclable polyester which are designed to reduce echo and reverberated sound. With unlimited potential for architectural design; Autex’s range of interior acoustics and wallcoverings can be printed on, custom cut to shape and specified to fit any application where sound control and design aesthetic is crucial.

As leaders in interior acoustics, Autex have the expertise to provide free reverberation calculations and consultation on the best approach to achieving effective sound absorption in your space. Autex’s experienced design engineers are available to work alongside architects, interior designers and facility planners to create bespoke solutions that achieve the best possible acoustic outcome to redefine your environment.

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