R6.0 Ceiling Insulation

R6.0 insulation

The easiest way to increase the R-value of a product is to increase the roof insulation thickness, hence R6.0 ceiling insulation batts are between 250mm and 275mm thick. These glass wool products can be easily cut using a sharp retractable knife. R6.0 insulation is an effective barrier against the summer heat and winter cold.

Reduce your energy bills

ICANZ claims that you can save up to $299 per year on your electricity bill with ceiling insulation (depending on your climate zone). The higher the R-value, the better the thermal performance of the insulation. R6.0 is the highest available rating for Earthwool and Pink Batts.

Prevent an ‘oven’ effect

Where you live in Australia will effect the type and level of insulation required. Passive design techniques should be used in addition to insulation. If the house is completely exposed to the sun, the built-up heat can be kept in by the insulation, resulting in an ‘oven’ effect.

R6.0 Insulation for Roofs and Ceilings

If your ceiling was insulated decades ago, there is a good chance that it has lost some of its effectiveness. Even if the insulation was considered a good quality product at the time, it might be delivering less thermal benefit than it was originally specified to deliver, and it may be time to consider an upgrade.

Topping up Insulation with New Insulation

Most types of bulk insulation will settle and compress over time. Because insulation is full of tiny air pockets, the more it is compressed, the less effective it becomes in reducing the transfer of heat. So if, for example, an R4.0 was installed 30 years ago, it may now be performing at an effective R-Value of R2.5.

Before deciding whether book to book a professional insulation removal service, or whether to increase the roof insulation thickness simply by topping up the existing insulation, consider the following points:

  • all old insulation will have some R-Value
  • very old insulation is typically extremely dusty and will often smell
  • how much effective R-Value any existing insulating material has will depend on how well it was installed originally, and how much it has compressed over time.
  • It’s more difficult to get a neat finish when topping up old insulation with new insulation
  • New insulation (at least the brands we sell) does not attract vermin, however many older insulation types have proven to become nests for vermin.

If your house has properly installed insulation but requires a higher R-Value, topping up with new insulation may be a viable alternative.

However, if the insulation that was previously installed is distributed unevenly, is of poor quality, or has attracted vermin, we recommend cleaning out the ceiling and replacing it with new insulation.