R3.5 Ceiling Insulation

Check your energy report

Many big home builders design their homes in such a way that they can still meet the national energy standards with a low rating like R2.5 insulation the ceiling. You can top this up with an additional layer of R3.5 ceiling insulation batts. We often recommend R3.5 insulation in warmer regions such as Brisbane and Darwin.

Insulation for existing ceilings

Many homes have some form of insulation, however the effectiveness of this insulation may have declined over the years. If the insulation was installed during the Government Home Insulation Scheme then it is worth checking if the insulation was installed correctly. Even small gaps can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the batts.

Insulation warranty

Insulation will continue to save money and provide home comfort for the life of the building. Knauf Earthwool and Autex Greenstuf offer product warranties of 50 years. Bradford Insulation offers a 70 year warranty and Fletcher Insulation offers a lifetime consumer warranty. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 729 639.

R3.5 Roof and Ceiling Insulation

When installing insulation in a ceiling the two most challenging areas to access will typically be the corners of the house, and any rooms that extend beyond the natural contour of the house.

  • The corners: As well as requiring lots of cutting for all the intersecting joists, there are often big support beams in the ceiling that makes access to the corners even more difficult.
  • Extended areas: If the house is a square or rectangle, all the corners will generally have the same pitch of roof. But if there are one or more rooms extending beyond the natural perimeter of the house, these extensions will often have a lower pitch, as well as requiring additional framing, making them less accessible.

Installing Insulation in Tight Spaces

Where it’s obvious that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to insulate the entire ceiling area after plaster, you may need to settle for compromise. Install any ‘problem areas’ before plaster, and then load the remaining bags in the ceiling for easy access when climbing up ‘after plaster’ to finish job.