R2.7 + Wall Insulation

Top quality R2.7 insulation

R2.7 wall insulation is the best product on the market for standard residential homes with 90mm stud spacings. R3.1 acoustic batts are available in thicknesses of 110mm and can be used for deeper walls, ceilings and between floors.

Perfect for theatre rooms

R2.7 wall insulation is a popular option for theatre rooms and offices. Maximise the thermal and acoustic performance of your insulation by filling in any gaps. For safety reasons a minimum clearance must be left around hot objects.

Choosing the right product

The acoustic performance of a batt is determined by the density (kg/m3) rather than the R-value. Some manufactures choose not to disclose the density of their products, however a higher R-value of wall insulation generally indicates better sound proofing qualities.

R2.7 Sound Insulation for Walls

Excessive exposure to unwanted outside noise can lead to stress, sleep disturbance and has been linked to many other health complications. Road traffic is one of the biggest sources of noise pollution. Persistent noise within the home – for example music, tumble dryers, kitchen appliances etc. – can also have a negative impact on quality of life in the home.

Stress, Noise and Acoustic Insulation

There are two primary reasons to consider installing sound insulation in your home. The one is to reduce outside noise such as traffic, aircraft, barking dogs etc. – from entering the building interior. Typically, this means installing high density thermal and acoustic insulation in the external wall of the home, which forms an effective sound barrier.

Sound insulation is also often useful within the internal walls of the home. Use common sense when considering this additional investment, and think long term, keeping in mind that it’s far easier and cheaper to install sound insulation during the new building project. Media/TV rooms, studios, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries should be first on the priority list.