Kingspan Insulation

From Sheds to Airports

Kingspan Insulation offers sustainable and innovative building solutions for both residential and commercial buildings including sheds, airports, hospitals, housing developments, apartments, schools and offices.

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Quality Product Range

Kingspan manufacturers a huge range of products including fibre-free flexible insulation, ductwork products and rigid boards. The rigid boards are designed to increase your internal floor area resulting in a greater Return on Investment (ROI).

Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan Insulation has a vast product range suitable for a variety of applications in the domestic, non-domestic, new-build and refurbishment sectors. Kingspan products divide into four categories;

If you don’t fancy climbing into your roof space and doing it yourself, you will need to find someone to do it for you. Maybe you have a friend that owes you a favour, but chances are you will need to engage a professional installer.

Finding an Insulation Installer

When you’re shopping around for prices, there are a few things that potential contractors will need to know before they can accurately quote the job.

  • The total square metres to be installed
  • If there are ducts or other obstructions in the roof
  • The pitch of the roof, how high it is in the centre, and if there are any low areas
  • Manhole dimensions: this is especially important if the insulation bags aren’t already in the roof space. Ideally it should be big enough to pass the bags through, at least 650mm x 500mm.

Don’t just book in the cheapest quote. You’ll want to know that your installer will be professional, has their own insurance and guarantees their work, so take this into consideration before choosing your insulation installer.