Acoustic Soundproofing Insulation

Sound Insulation

Limit unwanted noise from outside the home or between rooms with acoustic insulation. The performance of an acoustic batt is determined by the density (kg/m3) and the thickness of the insulation. All thermal bulk insulation will reduce some noise transfer, but soundproof house insulation is specially designed for acoustic purposes.

Do my internal walls need insulation?

As a minimum we recommend soundproofing between bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and any theatre rooms. Many homeowners choose to insulate between floors of multi-level dwellings as well. For advice on your project feel free to give us a call on 1300 729 639.

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Pricewise Insulation is a stockist of Australia’s leading residential and commercial insulation brands including Knauf Earthwool, Fletcher Pink Batts, Bradford Insulation, Autex Greenstuf. We can deliver directly to your site or home within 1-3 days.

  • Pink Soundbreak Insulation Batts

    $ 8.18$ 15.72 p/m2 inc. GST
  • Acoustic Pipe Lagging Insulation

    $ 139.00$ 323.00 inc. GST

Acoustic Insulation Batts

Sound insulation is also often useful within the internal walls of the home. Use common sense when considering this additional investment, and think long term, keeping in mind that it’s far easier and cheaper to install sound insulation during the new building project. Media/TV rooms, studios, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries should be first on the priority list. Ideally, acoustic insulation should be factored in during the design state of the home. Consideration can then be given to the thickness of the vertical wall studs, which has a lot to say when it comes to determining which internal wall insulation thickness is to be installed. A standard 90mm stud will allow for an acoustic batt of the same thickness, which in most cases should suffice. Many houses use 70mm studs in the internal walls, which limits the thickness of the insulation to the same (70mm). It’s not uncommon to see homes with 70mm studs being installed with 75mm acoustic batts such as one of our most popular acoustic wall insulation products –  Earthwool HD R2.0/430mm Acoustic Insulation – and while this is officially exceeding the space available and thus cannot be officially recommended as best practice – it is not likely that the home owner will experience any notable difference from the insulation due to it being compressed only 5mm within the wall cavity. Underfloor soundproofing can also be achieved to good effect by installing high density insulation between the underfloor joists.

The below table contains the product ranges of Australia’s best residential insulation brands including Knauf Earthwool, Bradford, Fletcher and Autex. Some manufactures choose not to disclose the density of their products. However, you can be assured that these ‘hi performance’ and ‘high-density’ products will provide better soundproofing qualities than standard thermal insulation.




Knauf Earthwool - The Feel Good Insulation

    Knauf Earthwool Basic Acoustic Partition Batts − 11kg/m³

    Knauf Earthwool Ultra Acoustic Partition Batts − 14kg/m³

    Knauf Earthwool High Density Acoustic Partition Batts − 17kg/m³, 20kg/m³ and 27kg/m³

Bradford Acoustic Sound Insulation product range

    Bradford Gold Hi Performance Wall Batts

    Bradford SoundScreen Acoustic Insulation

Pink Soundbreak Insulation Batts by Fletcher Insulation

    Fletcher Pink Soundbreak Insulation

    Fletcher Pink Batts High Density Wall Insulation – R2.0HD, R2.5HD

Autex Greenstuf Polyester Insulation - Residential acoustic products

    Autex GreenStuf Polyester Sound Solution – 75mm, 90mm, 100mm

Stress, Noise and Acoustic Insulation

Excessive exposure to unwanted outside noise can lead to stress, sleep disturbance and has been linked to many other health complications. Road traffic is one of the biggest sources of noise pollution. Persistent noise within the home – for example music, tumble dryers, kitchen appliances etc. – can also have a negative impact on quality of life in the home. We recommend that acoustic insulation be considered on its own merits in all internal and external walls of the house. And of course if you need advice regarding sound proofing walls or any other areas in your house, don’t hesitate to contact us at Pricewise Insulation!

  • Pink Soundbreak Insulation Batts

    $ 8.18$ 15.72 p/m2 inc. GST
  • Acoustic Pipe Lagging Insulation

    $ 139.00$ 323.00 inc. GST