Pink Batts vs Earthwool


So which product is actually better, when you compare Pink Batts vs Earthwool? Well that may depend on what’s most important to you.

Pink Batts vs Earthwool

First let’s look at the similarities. Both Pink Batts and Earthwool are both “glasswool” insulation, and in large part made from sand and recycled glass bottles. Both Pink Batts and Earthwool insulation batts are available in a variety of “R-values” to suit different climates. When comparing Pink Batts vs Earthwool it’s important to realise that once the insulation is installed, the thermal benefit is practically the same. So an R2.0 wall insulation batt will give you the same thermal protection, regardless of whether it is branded Pink Batts, or Earthwool, or any other brand for that matter. Pink Batts comes with a “life time guarantee” and Earthwool comes with a standard 50 year guarantee, which in practice means you can expect the insulation to last as long as your home.


Storage and Handling

Earthwool Insulation has gained popularity in recent years primarily for two reasons. Firstly, it uses a different binder, which makes it less itchy to work with. This is a real plus for DIY home renovators, not to mention professional installers who work with insulation on a daily basis. Secondly,  Earthwool comes in a highly compressed packaging, which can significantly reduce the need for on site storage space, and also help to reduce freight costs if you’re paying the full cost to get the insulation delivered to your home or on site.

Update: Low R-Value Wall Insulation – Pink = Firmer Fit

An often overlooked factor when choosing a brand, is how well the insulation batt will ‘stand’ in the wall cavity. The fact of the matter is, that even though in an ideal world, the wall studs will be spaced so exactly that they provide just the right amount of friction to the keep the insulation batts in their place, without folding or sagging – – often the reality is somewhat different. As any experienced insulation installer will know, a too narrow gap isn’t too much of a problem to deal with – you simply trim the edge of the insulation down to the required width. However a gap which is a faction to wide, can be a real “spanner in the works” – as without the necessary friction between the outside edges of the batt and inside edges of the walls studs, the wall batts can easily begin to sag. Here Pink Batts has a clear edge over it’s rival Earthwool, with it’s more rigid consistency making it easier to install.

No smell?

If you’re old enough to remember the insulation being installed in the ‘old days’ you’ll remember the smell. The longer the insulation lay there, the worse the smell, no doubt exacerbated by any number of vermin who have chosen to take refuge in the roof-space. Knauf genuinely claims that Earthwool has practically no smell, and the truth is that this is a fairly accurate statement. It smells like nothing, whereas most other glasswool products seem to have retained at least some of the odour, usually only noticeable in confined spaces. No doubt we will see more and more insulation brands setting their sights on an ‘odourless’ product range in the future.

Our verdict – Pink Batts vs Earthwool

We recommend Earthwool insulation as the most comfortable to work with glasswool insulation, and it definitely is one of the best ceiling insulation products to work with. Price is obviously a key consideration, so we recommend you calculate carefully the full cost of buying the insulation and getting it delivered to you, and then make an informed decision on what is the best value for you and your project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 729 639 or via the contact us page if you have any questions.


7 thoughts on “Pink Batts vs Earthwool

  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    I like that you mentioned the earthwool insulation is less itchy. I’ve worked several times with other types of insulation and really react to the fiberglass. Hopefully, it will also be a little easier and quicker to install.

  2. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    It sounds like Earthwool insulation is a great choice. Just the fact that it is less itchy than the pink roll is a huge plus. I remember when we put in our insulation years ago, and the pink stuff made us all itchy for a week!

  3. Frank says:

    Pink Batts VS Earthwool is a no brainer, I would vote Earthwool for the smell (or lack of smell) alone. The new Pink Batts are better than the old stuff but they haven’t managed to get rid of the smell. Plus Earthwool hardly itches at all at least if you were long sleeves

  4. fletcher says:

    Give great warm protection properties, keeping homes cooler in summer and hotter in winter
    Enhance the vitality effectiveness of a home to convey vitality cost investment funds.
    Produced utilizing a creative innovation which makes Pink Batts® gentler to touch contrasted with conventional glasswool protection.
    Keep up their solidness guaranteeing items stay set up for progressing warm execution.
    FBS-1 Glasswool Bio-Soluble Insulation® – safe to utilize.
    CodeMark ensured.
    Great Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) ensured.
    Made from up to 80% reused content.
    Australian made.
    Sponsored by a property holder lifetime guarantee.

    • Arthur Knight says:

      Hi Tony,

      Thank you for your question!

      According to “Your Home“, 25%-35% of heat loss and heat gains passes through the roof, whereas only 10%-20% passes through the underfloor. So our recommendation would be to insulate the ceilings first.

      Hope that helps!

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